Selvan85 Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is...


Kills 99.9% of germs on contact. Effective against bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19)


Super premium non-alcohol hand sanitizer containing over 85% pure natural aloe vera, non-toxic, and fragrance free

Great Value

One 8oz spray bottle equals three 8oz gel bottles in hand sanitizing coverage.

No alcohol

Care should be taken with alcohol-based sanitizers because they can be flammable and unsafe. 

85% Aloe Vera

An unscented spray, premium hand sanitizer. 85% pure natural Aloe Vera per bottle with no water fillers.  Will not stain clothing or flooring.

Feel the difference

Non-sting moisturizing formula. Safe for everyone in your family. The Aloe Vera spray formula smooths and heals dry rough skin. ​​​​​​​

Selvan85 Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer 


Liquid Spray for skin-safe protection with even coverage

Selvan85 is an super premium alcohol free sanitizer for the whole family. The Selvan85 formula contains 85% Aloe Vera, which soothes and softens your skin, unlike the drying alcohol-based sanitizers. Selvan85 absorbs into the skin, so you are not left with the tacky residue on your hands like with other products. The convenient spray uses so little to protect your hands that one bottle is equal to three bottles gel-based sanitizers. Selvan85 offers protection when you can't wash your hands.

Why so much Aloe Vera?

Beneficial properties of Aloe Vera have been recognized for a long time. “Drawings of aloe have been found in the wall carvings of Egyptian temples erected in the 4th millennium BC. Called the "Plant of Immortality," it was a traditional funerary gift for the pharaohs. The Egyptian Book of Remedies (ca. 1500 BC) notes the use of aloe in curing infections, treating the skin, and preparing remedies that were chiefly used as laxatives.

man writing on paper

Selvan85 puts out the fire of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer because it is alcohol-free!

Alcohol gel hand sanitizers catch fire easily. As you see the blue flame is nearly invisible. One spray and the non-flammable Selvan85 obliterates the fire because it is 85% Aloe Vera—NO ALCOHOL.

Selvan85 takes out the sting of alcohol-based sanitizers while safeguarding your family against germs!

This is for demonstration purposes only. Do not attempt this at home. This is one of the dangers of alcohol-based products. 


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